WordPress vs. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.  Approximately 25% of all websites use WordPress.  However, there are two varieties of WordPress.  In this article I explain both and why one of them is far preferential to the other.

Two Versions of WordPress

WordPress.com is the first version of WordPress I shall discuss.  Using the .com version of WordPress the WordPress organization takes care of all the hosting and all you have to do is login and create your site.  The result of this will give you a URL that looks like yourdomain.wordpress.com.

WordPress.org on the other hand is also called self hosted.  Using this type of WordPress you would download the latest version from WordPress.org and install it on your web host, which you choose, using a domain that you own.  Since it is so popular, almost any host offers WordPress hosting.  Using the self hosted version, would give your site a URL such as yourdomain.com.

Oh and both versions are 100% free to use. So there is no cost to get WordPress (either version).  That is one of the primary versions it is so popular (that and its really good).


My recommendation is to always use the self hosted version.  It will give you the most professional representation for your organization.  Think about it.  What sound more professional yourdomain.wordpress.com or yourdomain.com?

Also if you use the self hosted version it will scale much better.  For example, suppose your just starting out and you choose the WordPress.com version (yourdomain.wordpress.com).  Then you experience some growth.  How long are you going to want your website to be yourdomain.wordpress.com instead of yourdomain.com?

So do yourself and your organization a favor.  If you are going to use WordPress to build your website, use the self hosted version on your own domain.  And don’t think that hosting is going to break the bank.  You can get some really great hosting packages for little more than a hundred dollars a year.  If this is a concern to you, then you probably can’t afford a website anyhow because you will have many other costs beyond hosting such as development fees, stock photography, email hosting and more.