Why You Should Use A Pro Developer

You have a website why not do it yourself? This now famous used by one of the many DIY website companies out there makes it sound so easy and you’ll be able to build amazon.com in 20 minutes.

Well I have a question of my own.  This is your business, do you want your most visible marketing piece that is available 24/7/365 to be built by an amateur?  If you do go ahead and do it yourself.  But if you want a website that will make your business successful, hire a pro.  In the rest of this article, I explain why.

Because Pros Know What They Are Doing

When you have a business, do you try do put up the building, run wiring, plumbing, etc?  No, probably not.  That is because you know it is not what you know how to do.  Well the same is true of building a website for your business.  Unless you are in the business of building websites, you are an amateur and as an amateur you will miss something that pros won’t, because they’ve done this a ton of times and you haven’t.  Here is a list of things I have actually seen on businesses websites that were clearly done by amateurs using DIY templates:

  1. On a website for a handyman one of the pages where the logo was supposed to go said “your logo here”.  They forgot to add their logo.
  2. I was recently checking out some fitness classes and on one of the pages it had a button that said “Button Text”.  I was curious so I clicked it.  It did nothing.
  3. In that same search for fitness classes on a different site in the footer it said “Copyright 2023, Your name here”.  This was in 2017, I don’t even know how they came up with 2023.  When I do this I add the date dynamically so it gets the year from the server’s clock and is always current.


It takes amateurs 10x Longer Than You Think

I remember a few years back when I was running my own business and I decided to build my own website.  This is before I was a pro developer, I was doing analytics at the time.  I thought it would take me a couple of hours.  Well about 2 days later, I had it finished and it still didn’t look like I had envisioned it in my head.  These days I am still surprised about how long it actually takes to build a website and I build them for a living.

While you are building your own website, all that stuff that you normally do, isn’t getting done.  So remember this quick calculation.  Take about 2 days of your time (let’s say 16 hours) and multiply that by however valuable your time is to you.  Well if you value your time at $100 / hour that website you built would be $1600 and you will probably have missed something and not gotten anything else done for 2 days.  Why not just hire a pro to do it rights for about $4000?  That’s actually, a good deal. Many developers would charge a bunch more.

Amateurs Don’t Do Enough Testing

An amateur will most likely test a website on their preferred browser on their computer.  A pro will test across many platforms and all major browsers.  As an example an amateur might test on Windows version of Chrome.  A pro will test on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac and Windows as wall as mobile platforms.  Why do this?  Because different browsers on different platforms render sites differently.  So that site that looked good on Chrome running on Windows might look really bad on Safari on an iPhone.

As an amateur you will miss something that pros won’t, because they’ve done this a ton of times and you haven’t

So if you want your business to actually benefit from a website, do yourself a favor and go hire a pro.  It will save you a bunch of time and headaches (and be a better end product).  These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.  Pro developers will be highly valuable in other areas I haven’t even touched on like e-commerce, SEO, security and maintenance. Remember, a good pro will make you more than they cost you. So go find a pro you like and start working with them today.