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The Power of Quality Communication

Communication is key for success.  If you want to have a quality experience as a parent, teacher, leader or team member good communication is essentially. I am convinced that many of our problems is because we fail to communicate with each other effectively.  In this post I will outline 3 strategies which I have observed […]

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Why You Need Professional Email

I was recently talking with someone about what I do and we were discussing email.  This person wondered aloud why an organization would not just use a bunch of gmail accounts for their organization’s email.  This post will explain why you should use a professional email in the format of email@yourdomain.com. Professionalism I am fully […]

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Security Fundamentals

The bad news is that your organization’s website is at risk, because they all are. There are plenty of people out there with devious intentions whose aim is to embarrass you and steal you and your users information.  I have seen many variations of this in my time as a developer, some of them due to my […]

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WordPress vs. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS but it comes in 2 varieties. This article will explain the difference and which one you should use.

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