Detailed Development Plan

You don’t go on vacation without planning where you are going so why do so many people start developing systems without a detailed plan. In this post I discuss the reason behind the need for a detailed development plan as well as the sections it needs which include a goal, definitions, requirements, deliverables, schedule and payment.

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A Good Backup Plan Is Essential

One of an organizations most critical assets is their data.  It is like the DNA of the organization, nothing will work very well without it.  With so many ways for an organization to lose its data, you need a well implemented data backup and recovery plan.  If you fail to do this and then lose […]

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Why You Should Use A Pro Developer

You have a website why not do it yourself? This now famous used by one of the many DIY website companies out there makes it sound so easy and you’ll be able to build in 20 minutes. Well I have a question of my own.  This is your business, do you want your most […]

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