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Transferring A WordPress Site The Right Way

This article is an answer to a question I got recently, which stated: When you transfer your site from old domain or localhost to new domain, what are the steps to take and what errors do you need to look for? While this question is about transferring a domain it also applies to changing hosts. […]

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Securing Your Website With HTTPS & SSL

HTTPS and SSL are industry standards for running a secure website. This post explains both the theory and practical implementation of implementation of these technologies on WordPress.

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How Technology Makes The Same Process Faster

Technology typically does not change processes, it takes and existing process and makes it faster and more effective. In this article we examine the technology impacts of sharing photos today vs. a few decades ago.

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How To Install WordPress Correctly

This article will show you two ways to install WordPress, the most popular CMS. The easy way is to use a 1-click installer from your host. The hard way is more difficult (yet still fairly easy) but will give you more ability to customize your install.

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A Good Backup Plan Is Essential

One of an organizations most critical assets is their data.  It is like the DNA of the organization, nothing will work very well without it.  With so many ways for an organization to lose its data, you need a well implemented data backup and recovery plan.  If you fail to do this and then lose […]

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Give Users A Great User Experience

User Experience or UX is a term tossed around in the web development world.  In this post, I will explain what I feel that User Experience is and what it is not. What User Experience Is Not User Experience is not the design.  You can have a great design and a lousy user experience.  Conversely, […]

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Why You Should Use A Pro Developer

You have a website why not do it yourself? This now famous used by one of the many DIY website companies out there makes it sound so easy and you’ll be able to build amazon.com in 20 minutes. Well I have a question of my own.  This is your business, do you want your most […]

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Device Purchasing Tips

These days, most organizations have many devices.  What I have found is that in many cases people who are not computer geeks don’t fully understand what they are paying for.  In this article in this article I will discuss the various kinds of computers including their benefits and drawbacks so you can get the most […]

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Foundations in Search Engine Optimization

If you are reading this, I am assuming you have a website and you want people to actually find it.  That is why you put it up after all.  In this article I will give an overview of how to do just that, get found by your target audience.  This process is called search engine […]

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