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Thompson Digital Training

I help people learn how to create excellent digital solutions.

My focus is on websites, web apps, email marketing, writtent content and audio / video production. I am here to help everyone from the newbie to the advanced. So wherever you are in the learning process my desire is to give you new information to help you create better products.

I train people using a process involving six foundational principles which are strategy, content, design, functionality, security and technology. Everything I discuss will involve at least some of these concepts.

As a full stack developer and content creator with a background in technology I have worked with organizations from the very small to very large across a varietiy of industries including goverment agencies, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, churches and non-profits.

On this site you’ll learn my approach to both the strategies and tactics needed to create excellent digital solutions and build a better organization. If you would like to schedule me for 1 on 1 or group training contact me below.

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